Meritt Business Support & Security / Meritt Business Security provide reliable and trusted information about the reliability of potential customers and business partners: legal entities and individuals. The projects are implemented not only in Poland, so one of the key areas is the creation of analytics in such countries as:

  • Europe: Germany, Estonia, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine
  • Latin America: Colombia, Peru
  • North America: the United States of America

A wide range of services, quality of the provided services and privacy are guaranteed by a team of professionals with experience of working in special services, the Police, the National Homeland Security Bureau and the Government Protection Bureau, the State Border Guard Service and the GROM Special Forces.

Our main services:

  • security audit;
  • consultations on the organization of the security systems and circulation of information;
  • analysis and support on securing the company from physical and technical penetration;
  • identification of potential sources of information leakage;
  • verification of the commercial reliability of companies and individuals;
  • verification of contractors;
  • information search about debtors or companies engaged in illegal activity;
  • assessing the probability of success for launching new company products or development strategies;
  • consulting in the issues related to the companies creation or establishing in the selected country;
  • study courses, trainings, in particular, on the behavior during a terrorist attack on a hotel, shelling of a car, industrial espionage, etc.;
  • providing legal and economic services in cooperation with well-known Polish and foreign law companies.

Our services

Projects implemented by Meritt Business Security consider first of all the opportunities and threats for the company and individuals in achieving their business goals. We pay particular attention to forecasting and analyzing of non-economic threats to investments and collaboration with new contractors, as well as assessing their impact on the security of economic and business transactions, given the industry and geographical location of current and future economic activity.

Meritt Business Security Team

The projects are implemented by highly qualified professionals in specific fields.

Each of the employees and partners has the necessary qualifications to carry out the relevant activity. The effectiveness of the taken measures and strategy is also guaranteed by Meritt Business Security’s cooperation with external partners located in the respective country.

Team members have the necessary qualifications to undertake activities to provide business security services. They have several decades of experience in such projects.

They are former employees of the national and international security sector; they were advisers to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland on the security of Polish diplomatic agencies.

The Meritt Business Security Group also includes investigative journalists and private investigators.

Given the special nature of Meritt Business Security services, we may provide a list of completed projects upon our Client’s consent.

We have broad experience in industries

Waste and Recycling
The Defense Industry
Fuel Industry
Energy Industry
Construction Industry
Automotive Industry
Heavy Industry
Aviation Industry
Education Sector